- 24 Musical Video Vignettes -

Geometry of Evolution
The Natural Algorithm
of Evolving Systems

Mystery of the Goddess
The Eye of Clarity in the
Hurricane of Ambiguity

Seeds of Blue Stars
Sowing in the
Sky Garden

Primeval Moonlight
The Dark Waltz
of Genesis

Hummingbird Muses
A Secret Gathering of
The Guiding Nine

Rocky Mt. Music I
The Glorious
Western Cordillera

The Return
A Watery Vision of the
Circle of Twelve

Red Stars Rising
Sowing in the
Sky Garden

The Cover Art
of an Espionage Thriller

Into the UltraViolet
The Unattainable beyond
the Landscape of the Impossible

Free Will Rhapsody
Contemplating the Woman,
Art, and Creativity

Goddess of Many Names
Big Brass, Surf Guitar
and Exotic Women

Gates of Valhalla
The Tireless Gaze of
the Judge of the Dead

Lotus of the Night
Transformation and Rebirth
in the Womb of Stars

Dragons of Spacetime 1
A View of the Universe
from the Inside looking Out

Dragons of Spacetime 2
A View of the Universe
from the Outside looking In

Chasing Butterflies
Following an Invitation
into the Cosmos

Secret of the Sky Goddess
A Journey through the Celestial
Garden of the LotusMaiden

Rocky Mt. Music II
Even more of the Glorious
Western Cordillera

Five Mystic Forests
A detailed look at the
Revelations of Trees

Dragons of the Mind
Disturbing things
best left Asleep

Children of Eternity
A Celestial Sibling Rivalry:
Builder and Destroyer

Five Elements
The Mysterious Ballet of the
Forces of Nature

Creation of Adam
The Ineluctable Will behind the
Selections of Nature

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