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Buying Artwork Reproductions: Most of the images on this web-site are available as beautiful fine-art reproductions. Below each picture you will find a Product Information section, which describes the reproduction(s) available for the image on the page you are viewing. Please note that an image is only available in the print format(s) therein described. If you'd like to buy a print, this web-site has 2 purchasing options, both accessible from the Product Information sections:

- Payment Option 1: Purchase Online (available for limited-editions)
You can make your purchase online with PayPal, an internationally recognized e-commerce provider; purchasing through PayPal (either with your credit card or an electronic funds transfer directly from your checking account) is fast, easy, and 100% secure. Just follow the simple instructions that appear in the pop-up window that automatically tabulates your order when you select the "PayPal - Add to Cart" button. PayPal purchases can also be made for other items on this web-site (like the Small Archival Prints that don't have the automatic PayPal pop-up window), once they have been pre-approved by prior e-mail correspondance.

- Payment Option 2: Purchase by Mail-Order (available for all prints)
You can fill out the order-forms provided on my "Ordering Information" pages (linked from the "Product Information" sections) and mail your order to me along with one of the following choices of payment: cash, personal check, or international money-order. All prices on this web-site are in U.S. dollars, but I also accept payment in other major currencies (Euro, Pound, Canadian or Australian Dollar, Yen, etc.), and will gladly ship an order to any postal address in the world. The shipping costs quoted on this site apply to all North American and European orders; Asian, Australian, South American and African orders please add an additional US$ 5.00.

Buying Original Artworks: Sometimes original artworks are available. If an original is indeed available, this will be clearly stated in the Product Information section, and there will be a "Purchasing Information" link-button that will take you to a supplemental information page. To avoid the possibility of 2 people trying to order the same painting at the same time, there are no online ordering mechanisms for original, one-of-a-kind artworks. If you would like to inquire about an original artwork, please e-mail an inquiry and/or offer to me; I will be happy to answer any questions you might have: Jonathon@JonathonArt.com.

My Complete Line of Artworks: paintings drawings, prints, posters, limited-edition lithographs, and limited-edition giclees, all arranged in thumbnail galleries according to print-format.

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