- Contact the Artist -

Painting keeps me fairly busy, but I do try to answer e-mail inquiries as promptly and thoroughly as possible. Comments and questions are always very much appreciated, so please feel free to contact me at the email address below, but four common inquiries are addressed below:

1) Can I use your work on my Website/Facebook page?

It is permissible to showcase some of my work on your personal, non-commercial website only if you agree to establish a link to my web-site and provide a full and prominent artwork credit that must appear with or on the image: Artwork © - Jonathon Earl Bowser - www.JonathonArt.com. If your web-graphic is quite small, please imbed one of the three text-graphics seen below; drawn pixel by pixel, they are the smallest legible and acceptable credits possible.

or or

I also hope that those who do place my work on their web-sites will consider making a purchase; prints are available for as little as US$19.95, and an Artist-signed 16-page Catalog is only $15.

2) Can I use your work for my Signature Tags and Tubes?

If you would like to use my work specifically for signature tags and tubes, please contact the good people at Creative Design Outlet - www.CDOeStore.com - for very reasonably priced purchasing options.

3) Do you accept commissions?

If you would like to commission a special artwork or portrait, you can find lots of pertinent information in the Portraits Gallery and on the Commissions Page.

4) Do you license artwork for comercial uses?

If you would like to reproduce one of my images on any kind of commercial product (CD cover, book cover, etc.), then a licensing agreement will be necessary, and a licensing fee and/or royalty will have to be paid. Different fees apply for different licenses. Inquire for more information.

Please contact me with any comments or other questions you might have: