- Recent News -

June 26, 2017:

1) An artist can be frustratingly mercurial, capriciously following an inspiration wherever it leads. And so it might dismay some people to hear that I will be wandering off in a strange new creative direction for a while. JonathonArt.com will continue to showcase my best oil paintings and drawings, but there may be fewer new paintings in the next few years while I complete a exciting new Graphic Novel project I am working on. I hope the first 32-page chapter of my Celestial Ecology Fable will be available in 2018...

2) I have finished work on my DOHI paintings (that's Destiny Of Human Intelligence), a series of images that seek to poetically imagine the technological ambitions described by Google Brain Project director Ray Kurzweil - who famously predicted that:

"… nanotechnology infused with artificial intelligence…will go out into the universe and…the universe will wake up; it will become intelligent."

I found Mr. Kurzweil's optimism inspiring and wondered, what would that look like? Will humanity sometime in the future – in 100 years or 1000 – paint enduring monuments to our creative ambition across the sky, just as we have done across the earth? The first in the series, Chasing Butterflies, was followed by Geometry of Eternal Creation, and Achieving the Surface; the fourth (and last) in the series is now complete: Apothesosis.

I've written a short 7000-word essay on this intersting and important subject, which concludes with a discussion of my DOHI paintings. If you haven't read one of my philosophical ramblings before, this excellent essay (if I do say so myself) will be an entertaining introduction to the ideas that informed my recent work. It's called: Imagining Cosmography.

3) There are 5 new paintings in Landscapes Gallery IV - Bow Valley Autumn, Tetons in the Mist, Grinnell Reflections, Yoho Tourquoise, and Mist Glacier.

4) I am pleased to announce that the first edition of my art anthology book, Art of the LotusMaiden - The Mythic Naturalism of Jonathon Earl Bowser, has sold out, and the second edition is now available. This full-color 104-page book is the best collection of my work yet!

5) You can still get a copy of my first book (only 5 left from the highly collectible First Edition!), The LotusMaiden - An Artist's Search for the Secret of the Sky Goddess. A detailed description and complete purchasing instructions can be found on the My Book page. A second, fully revised and updated edition - Mysteries of the LotusMaiden - An Artist's View of the Enigmas of the World - will be available soon. And if you just can't wait that long, I invite you to read the FREE full-color PDF version available NOW.

6) I am very happy to announce the release of my first Blu-ray DVD, Mythic Naturalism - A Musical Journey through the Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser. This 93-minute, high-resolution (1080p) disc is a collection of 13 musical vignettes, each one wandering through my work in great detail, and offering interesting insights into my creative objectives. It is available now for only $25!

7) And I am also delighted to announce the release of my first music CD, Rumours of Free Will and Wonder. This collection of 8 original compositions - inspired by some of the recurring themes in my paintings - was recorded over 6 years in my home recording studio and then professionally mixed and mastered at Pulsworks Studio. It is available now for only $20!

8) I am continuing to add new HD videos to the still-growing collection; be sure to see them all on my Video Vignettes Page or on my YouTube channel.

9) I sincerely appreciate the support of the many web-sites displaying my work; I hope all those who are enjoying the free, non-commercial internet use of my registered copyrights will remember to purchase an artist-signed 16-page Catalog for only US$15 - it is a very small price indeed to pay for art...