- The Sound and Vision of Mythic Naturalism -

It’s one of the interviewer’s standard questions: if you could have been something else, what would it have been? Well, I would like to have been a musician, painting instead with the geometric sound that moves people in a deep and mysteriously primal way. In my naïve younger years, I wanted to understand the magic of it and taught myself to play the piano and the guitar, and read books on music theory, hoping that I too could perhaps create my own inscrutable, wonderful noise.

It turns out that it takes quite a bit more than a dabbler’s interest to be good musician, but it is a joy to compose - even poorly - and so music has been a constant companion to my other creative activities. I humbly offer here a small selection of musical vignettes featuring my work - video interpretations of Mythic Naturalism, and the themes that inspire me to create...

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser