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Rumours of Free Will and Wonder - 71-Minute Music CD
- A Musical Journey Inspired by the Ideas of Mythic Naturalism -

Mythic Naturalism - 93-Minute Blu-ray DVD
- An Animated Musical Journey through the Images and Ideas of the Artist's Work -

Art of the LotusMaiden - 98-Page ArtBook
- An Anthology of Images from the Mythic Naturalism Collection -

The Secret of the Sky Goddess - 296-Page ArtBook
- A Comprehensive Examination of the Philosophy of Mythic Naturalism -

Mythic Naturalism - 16-Page Print Catalog
- A Simple introduction to the Artist's Work -

An Act of Burial by Xander Richards
- A Brilliant New Espionage Thriller with Brilliant Cover Art -

Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards and Other Fun Stuff
- From Tree-Free Greetings -

Beautiful Cross-Stitch Patterns
- From Heaven and Earth Designs

1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
- From Holdsworth and Sons -

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