- About Mythic Naturalism -

- Artist's Statement -

When I look out at the world, I see Feminine Energy making it go: inspiring, motivating, and compelling everything into action and change; it is my task as an artist to imagine unusual new ways to understand this transpersonal force of nature in my work. I have, through the sixty paintings of my Mythic Naturalism series, addressed many different and interesting themes - from art, religion, philosophy and science - but I am always seeking to find the Unseen Intention of the World, silently guiding things to become the way they are. And I have chosen to represent this evolutionary insistence as the enigmatic and enchanting Woman, wearing the ever-changing appearance and processes of nature like a cloak. In my work, this mysterious presence is always the stable axis around which the dynamic poetry of the design swirls, bound to her by some inscrutable gravity of unknown purpose…

- About the Companion Essays -

All of the paintings in the Mythic Naturalism collection have an essay or rhyming verse that elaborates on the mytho-poetic forms of the image. You can find these writings with the Legend links provided at the bottom of the image-pages.

Many people think it is heresy to write about painting and they are probably right: obviously a visual image must stand or fall on its own merits as an image, without reference to or support from other external information. Viewing instructions are certainly not required - in fact, I am very careful to include all the visual clues you will require to understand the painting - but I find that these essays help me understand what I am trying to achieve. And so I am sharing these essays with those of you who would like to know more about the creative philosophy that inspires and informs these images. Among my speculations and ruminations are many references to specific historical, anthropological, and scientific facts; I have taken great care to ensure that these references are accurate.

- About My Book -

And, if you are really interested, you can read
a compilation of all the essays (and much more) in:

Mysteries of the LotusMaiden
- An Artist's View of the Enigmas of the World -

- About the Companion Music -

I also enjoy composing, and so I have added a new musical feature to JonathonArt.com, which I call The Sound and Vision of Mythic Naturalism, where you will find some montage-vignettes with orchestral interpretations of the themes in my visual work. I hope to slowly add to the list over time, and I invite all visitors to have a listen...