- Commissions -

Although my own work keeps me quite busy, I am always happy to create a unique and special artwork for someone who's ready to make the investment. "So, what's a portrait cost?", I'm often asked. Well, I don't mean to be evasive, but the answer is: It depends. What does a car cost? It depends on whether you're talking about a slow Russian car or a fast Italian car. There isn't just one price that describes all cars. This is not evasion; it's honestly stating, "You're not going to get a Ferrari for the price of a Lada."

And so, I have tried to present in this Portraits Gallery many different styles of portraits across a wide range of prices, from small and simple to the large and elaborate, from as little as US$ 300 to as much as US$ 9000. In general, the cost of a commissioned artwork will be in line with the prices of my other artworks; size, complexity of design, amount of detail and/or design elements, media, deadline, and rights required, are the main factors in determining price. If you have a good idea how much you want to spend, I can direct you to an example that will suggest how much portrait your budget will buy. If you have a good idea of what kind of artwork you want, I can also direct you to an comparable example indicating how much such artworks cost. If you see a portrait here that seems similar in style and size and price to what you'd like, please feel free to say, "Hey, you say here that a portrait like this costs this much; I want you to do one like that for me for the same price!" And I'll say, "OK, done deal."

And if you don't see something similar to what you're after, ask me about it. Some things are not possible - large paintings are ok but tiny paintings are no fun at all, while small drawings are ok, but I don't want to do enormous artworks on flimsy paper - but it is also true that I can do many things not listed in this small representative gallery here. I am always happy to discuss possibilities, and if price is a paramount concern, there is often a way to shrink and simplify a design to get the price down. I mean, do you really need a whole herd of horses (expensive) when just one beautiful stallion (less expensive) will do?

I usually like to work with the following terms: one third of the agreed upon price up front, the second third upon approval of a design sketch, and the final third prior to delivery of the finished artwork. Please note: Shipping is extra. Smaller artworks can be shipped reliably and inexpensively by the Post ($50 or less); very large paintings that have to be shipped by special carriers can cost up to $500 to crate and ship. I will, of course, provide an exact quote for shipping if you request it in advance.

If you have any questions about commissioning an artwork, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them for you: Jonathon@JonathonArt.com

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