- A Sky Garden -

I suppose artists have many different reasons for making art, and there is a luxurious abundance of admirable inspirations around us. But art is also a way of knowing; like the philosopher, the scientist, or the theologian, the artist is simply trying to understand the world the best way he or she knows how. What is the world and what am I? Why does it look and feel this way to me? Is this the only possible world, or could it have been some other different world? What’s going on here and what does it all mean? These are, I believe, the questions and concerns that move the artist to create. And as we have seen throughout our history, the endless variety and potential in human experience results in a spectacular diversity of creative expression: artists seeking to extract some small wisdom from the vistas they have seen in their time and share that insight with the other castaways on this mysterious island earth.

For a long time, we thought we knew where we came from: an unearthly paradise to the East that only existed in the antediluvian world. And yet, through the mythological landscape of the artist’s imagination, we returned time and again to that Mother Garden of human origins, to relive again the tragic adventures of the first man and woman. It turned out however, that we have been around quite a bit longer than we thought, and the living stardust of which we are made came from a distant celestial genesis that was already ancient beyond reckoning before the earth even existed. In the gaps between the things we think we know, is the baffling beauty and horror of the world…and this great void of mystery is made of poetry. And so these are dreamscapes of the forbidding emptiness that lies where an explanation of the world is supposed to be, pictures of that far biogenetic nursery of our enchanted beginnings, images of the first Mother Garden...a Sky Garden.

As the mysterious Universe gathers scattered nebulous material into stars – which gather worlds, which gather life – so too does the mysterious Woman gather material from the universe of the body into new consciousness to contemplate the Cosmos it has descended from...

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser