Barai ehn Mahrt al Khan
Pastel and watercolor on Paper - 14" x 11" - Copyright 1989


This was a promotional "editorial-style" illustration I did back toward the end of my commerical days. However, as you can see in the detail, it's also a respectable portrait of the models (who have both myseriously become better-looking in the drawing - another benefit of portraiture over photography). I have, occasionally, done some work over the years for professionals looking for an image that captures not just their likeness, but also some aspect of their career-life, and an illustrative style like this is often the right choice (I have other examples here and here and here and here). For some reason, no one ever chooses the Cartoon Style.

"Why does this cost more than a pencil drawing?", you might be asking. Well, there's a bit of a background, which takes more time to draw than no background at all, and using many colors takes more time than using just black, as with a pencil drawing. I usually charge a bit extra for a special costume, like the gentleman on the right here, but if you've already got a good costume photo that I can easily draw onto the photo of the model, the surcharge is negligible. For these "pastel-watercolor drawings", I prefer to keep the backgrounds simple; designs with full landscape backgrounds really should be done in oil.

Approximate Price:

14" x 11" - US$ 750
17" x 11" - US$ 1000

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser