The Return

- The Twelve Apostles - sure to click the square in the lower right corner for fullscreen HD...

impetuous dynamic Impulsion - Aries
sensual aggressive Magnetism - Taurus
childlike polarized Imagination - Gemini
sensitive contemplative Gestation - Cancer
proud authoritative Individuation - Leo
analytical discriminating Intelligence - Virgo
social mediating Equilibrium - Libra
emotional withdrawn Fermentation - Scorpio
spiritual sublimating Aspiration - Sagittarius
stable disciplined Elevation - Capricorn
humanitarian liberating Illumination - Aquarius
impressionable amorphous Dissolution - Pisces-Judas

That which is cleansed...

Quintessence Transcendence Infinity - The Holy Spirit
(detail from the painting at actual size)

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser