Parsival's Lament

The Crown of Time

The Light of the Cosmic Dawn shines into
The Cathedral of the Celestial Illusion


Grail-Seeker, Fire-Thief
Entropy-Slayer, Order-Bringer
Cosmos-Builder, Boon-Retriever

He who returns from the Dark Places of the World

Twelve Dragons

Chaos lurking at the Boundary of the Celestial Wheel
Guardians of the Treasures hidden in the Dark places of the World
One Task for each hour of the Cosmic Day

The Grail Staff

Sun-Disc Amulet of the Dragonfire Talismans
Mining Chaos to fill the 12 Vesicles
- Key of the World Lotus -

Dragons Slain

Order liberated from Chaos
12 Dragonfire Dynamos to Power the Cosmos

The Dragon Within

Instinct and Inertia
Lethargy and Apathy

The 12th Dragon

The Final Guardian Destroyer at
The Event Horizon of Cosmic Night


Nirvana - the Immovable Axis of the Universe
World Tree of all Knowledge and Wisdom
Grail Maiden, Boon Bestower

She who waits in Still and Silent Eternity


12 Thirsty Petals
- Lock of the World Lotus -

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser