- Buying a Painting -

I have, with this web-site, made a dedicated effort to convey some the craftsmanship of my work, by providing the detail-enlargement pages (found by the "Details" links directly below the main images). But even quality scans such as those found on this site reveal only some of the intricate tonal and chromatic variation in the originals, and nothing at all of the gem-like surface of a damar-varnished oil painting.

It is wonderful indeed to be able to share these images with so many interested people who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to view my work, but it remains true that the internet is probably not the best way to view something that represents a significant investment. What is unquestionably true is that collectors who have been drawn to a particular image on my web-site have been overwhelmed when they see the original - which always provides orders of magnitude more depth and subtlety of tone, brushwork detail, and luminousity of color.

When it is not possible to view a painting "in person", many collectors of original oil paintings like to view photo-reproductions of an image that interests them before making a final decision. I am not able to give away free sample photographs, but the reasonably-priced and beautifully accurate "Giclee Prints" available on my site are an excellent way to view and evaluate the painting. If you do purchase one of the Limited-Editions or Large Archival-Prints available on my site and subsequently determine that you would like to own the original, you will be credited the full cost of the print toward the cost of the original oil painting.

The prices of my work are determined primarily by the amount of time it takes to design and paint them (see The Process of Making a Painting for more information); in my work, this is the result of 2 factors: design complexity and painting size. I try to give equal effort to every part of the painting, and so one painting twice the size of another, otherwise similar, painting has probably taken twice as long to create. This is refelected in the price: a 48" x 30" painting usually represents twice the work of a 24" x 30" painting and is priced accordingly at roughly twice as much. Some paintings are particularily complex and require more time to design and execute than other comparatively simple paintings; this discrepancy in the time required to execute intricate detail is also reflected in the price, and 2 different paintings of equal size may be priced somewhat differently. It is important to understand that there is nothing arbitrary about the prices of these works; after studio costs and gallery commissions have been subtracted, what I receive for my efforts (generally between 250 and 1000 hours per painting) is very reasonable indeed.

All paintings include an artist-signed Certificate of Authenticity (invoice-receipt). When a "Companion Legend" has been written for a painting, it is also included, signed and bound in a small folder. In some cases, the prices quoted include an ornate, "baroque-style" frame with linen liner, exactly as indicated in the linked "Artist and the Painting" photo. I have chosen this frame to be the most elegant way to complete the painting. Framed artworks can be unframed, and unframed artworks can be framed, as per the collector's specifications. Please note that it is significantly more expensive to ship framed artworks.

All original artworks on this site were made with 100% archival materials and processes, and are unconditionally guaranteed to be free of defects due to faulty craftsmanship or faulty materials for a period of 12 months from the date of sale. Please note that collectors purchase an artwork only; the artist remains the copyright holder and reserves all reproduction rights.

The preferred method of payment is by Bank Draft; payment can also be made online with all major credit cards, through PayPal (please note that PayPal charges me 3.5% for such transactions, a significant sum on the larger paintings). Installment purchases based on a one-year term are available (ie. 12 monthly payments of [Retail price divided by 12]). Other payment options can be discussed. Originals are shipped by (100% reliable) Federal Express overnight delivery once payment-in-full has been received. I am not yet required to charge a sales tax, but I do charge extra for shipping. Shipping costs vary depending upon where the painting is going; I will provide a firm quote for this cost based upon the collector's specifications.

Framed paintings are surprisingly large and heavy, and so shipping artwork is very expensive; I am willing to share 50% of this cost. As I indicated above, I will provide an exact quote before shipping, but the table below will give an idea of the approximate costs:

Shipping oil paintings by Federal Express Overnight
(to a location in North America)


24" x 16" - $200
30" x 20" - $300
36" x 24" - $400
42" x 26" - $500
48" x 30" - $700


24" x 16" - $100
30" x 20" - $200
36" x 24" - $300
42" x 26" - $400
48" x 30" - $500

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of an original oil painting, please e-mail your inquires and/or offers to me and I will reply as soon as possible: Jonathon@JonathonArt.com.