Oil on Canvas - 24" x 18" - Copyright 1993


Jacqueline was able to come into the studio to be photographed. She wanted to be wearing a "beautiful green and purple gown" (more apparent in the painting than in this mediocre photograph of it), with "not quite so much chest" as the photograph reveals. The misty garden in the background helps unify the extravagant colors of the dress with the rest of the composition, but didn't require any extra design time (a castle on a hill, with a "fine arab charger galloping out of the misty wood into a sun dappled glade" would have added a lot to the price). I should also add that its possible to add many pictures together - even when taken in different countries - to make a composition, as I did in this example.

Approximate Price:

24" x 18" - US$ 2500
30" x 20" - US$ 3500

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser