Pastel and Watercolor on Paper - 14" x 11" - Copyright 2007

"That's a nice drawing," you might be saying, "but how come you turned his head?" Well, I know this exceptionally noble and good-looking fellow very well, and so I know he has a habit of tilting his head at you in a charmingly inquisitive, "cookie?" kind of way. Sometimes photos can be revised or modified without too much effort to really improve the composition (you could also choose something a little more Heroic, or a little more Wild - or perhaps you prefer something more along the lines of this unrepentant Food Thief). This is about 3 days work.

Approximate Price:

11" x 8.5" - US$ 500
14" x 11" - US$ 750

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser