...an oil painting of the Destiny of Life and Intelligence in the Universe...

Photo-Details or Zoom-Detail of Celestial Transformation

There was a time when the world painted its nature, red in tooth and claw, on humanity;
now it is humanity that paints itís nature, geometric in light and ambition, on the world.
Thus has planet earth been extravagantly decorated with human purpose...and still we are seeking new canvas to fillÖ

Oil on Canvas, 28 x 45 in, © 2015

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Open-Edition Poster Giclee
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Edition Size: Unlimited - each print hand-signed by the Artist
Printed on 100 Lb. (250 gsm) acid-free glossy-finish paper with light-fast archival inks
Posters are available in your choice of 4 different formats:

S-Edition - Paper Size: 19" x 13" - Image Size: 18" x 12"
M-Edition - Paper Size: 24" x 16" - Image Size: 23" x 15"
L-Edition - Paper Size: 28" x 18" - Image Size: 27" x 17"
G-Edition - Paper Size: 36" x 24" - Image Size: 32" x 20"

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US$ 170

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- Original Oil Painting -

The Geometry of Eternal Creation - 45" x 28" Oil on Canvas © 2015 - Signed, lower right

CND$ 10,000 - Unframed

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- The Geometry of Eternal Creation -

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