- Exchange Rates -

About 90% of my collectors are Americans, and it is mostly for this reason that I price my work in US dollars (USD). The US dollar is, of course, the most internationally recognized and accepted currency, and so collectors in Europe, Asia, Australia, and even Canada all know the exchange-rate between the American dollar and their own currency. In addition, Eureka Publishing published my limited-edition lithographs in US dollars, and so rather than have a patchwork of different products priced in different currencies, it is really much simpler to offer everthing in USD - and I am happy to accept payment of the equivalent amount in any standard currency (Pound, Euro, Yen, etc.).

However, some paintings are currently showing in a Canadian retail gallery where they are priced in Canadian dollars (CND). They are, of course, still available to collectors wishing to purchase in US dollars, but the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar does fluctuate a little bit over time, and so the USD price of these paintings will similarly fluctuate, as indicated in the unofficial list below. I will try to keep this page reasonably current.

As of October 2016
CND $1.00 = USD $0.76

CND$ 1,500 = USD$ 1,140
CND$ 2,500 = USD$ 1,900
CND$ 3,500 = USD$ 2,660
CND$ 5,000 = USD$ 3,800
CND$ 6,700 = USD$ 5,092
CND$ 7,000 = USD$ 5,320
CND$ 10,000 = USD$ 7,600

You can always find the very latest international exchange rates between
your currency and the Canadian or US dollar at x-rates.com.

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