Matrix of Eternity


The living cosmos, a mighty organism of which we and the stars are a part,
evolving for a Noble Purpose, born from the Intention of a Greater Mind...

Beyond Home

Many Event Horizons:
All black holes everywhere falling into the same single Point of Infinity...

The Realm of Ideas:
An Eternal Gestation of Mathematics, Geometry and Archetypal Forms...

Looking out from Singularity towards the one-way fall of countless gravity-well windows,
the universe beyond appears to contract; the 12 constellated regions of the entire zodiacal cosmos
recede upon an endless tapestry of ever-diminishing vistas, and in each vanishing window
is an ever-accelerating history of all space and time descending into final resolution...

Magna Mater

She who wears the Universe like a Cloak,
and whose awesome presence we feel when ambitious consciousness fleetingly protrudes
into the hyperspatial dimensions that surround us...

The Entrance Foyer to
The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser