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The image you have selected is currently available only from the publisher, The Bradford Exchange. You may order this "Collector's Plate" directly from their extensive Web-Site at and/or their internet storefront at They are able to process secure online credit-card transactions.

The Bradford Exchange currently has only the first image in the series of 4 - "Mystic Passage" - listed on their web-site at If you are interested in one of the other 3, or the whole series, you will have to inquire at their web-site and ask for them by name. If their customer service department seems unfamiliar with the "Embraced by Spirits" series by "Jonathan Earle Bowser" (please note their misspelling of my name), be persistent; I own all 4 myself, so I know they are available. Knowing the Bradford Exchange item codes may also be of some help; they are listed below:

Embraced by Spirits I - Mystic Passage - 84-B10-786.1
Embraced by Spirits II - Shadow Rapids - 84-B10-786.3
Embraced by Spirits III - Spirit Calling - 84-B10-786.2
Embraced by Spirits IV - Phantom Of The Falls - 84-B10-786.4

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Mystic Passage

The direct link above is a numbered URL and may change over time. If this link is no longer valid, please go to the main page of the Bradford Exchange's internet site at, select "Cultures" from the "Shop Bradford Exchange" field, and then follow the "Native American" link.

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The Bradford Exchange is a huge multi-national corporation, and is a completely separate entity with which I no longer have any connection. If you have any concerns about this company, it's policies, it's product line, or it's web-site, you must direct your inquires directly to The Bradford Exchange.

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