- Waiting for Parsival -

Parsival the Red, the Brave,
the Strong, the Quick, the fool -
Left the Fisher-King to bleed
an ever-growing pool,
Left his lonely wife to wait
until he found the prize,
Never saw a blessed thing
that passed before his eyes.

Legends say he found the Grail
within a distant land,
And thereby earned eternal fame
did Parsival the Grand
Some say thus the Wasteland low
was raised and brought back up;
Some say Red found trinkets and
a stupid bloody cup.

“Over yonder’s where it is that
we must make our quest!”
cried Parsival the Eager,
Parsival the Blessed
“Relentless are we happy few
who journey to that land!” -
Left a mighty trail of blood
did Parsival the Damned.

“Here is naught but wasting, so
our destiny is there!”
said Parsival in parting as
he rode off unaware
that I remain here watching
o’er the rounding circle near:
The lonely path shall bring you home -
the Prize is waiting here...