- Cloak of the Maternal Sky -

Silent Watcher recondite
beyond the raiment of the night
and hidden from all realms of sight:
the sky’s unseen foundation

Ocean cosmos e’er afloat
upon your Zodiacal coat
And wrapped within, yet so remote -
your distant invitation

Cloak of interstellar blue
a dim and iridescent hue
beckoning the Traveler through
the folds of constellation

Vestments made of clust’ring star
and ripp’ling heavens near and far
draped around your lost boudoir
of secret propagation

Through the holes on vaulted sheath
of deepest night and cosmic wreath
shines the timeless light beneath
in luminous gestation

Blow you astral winds of space
and thus, that darkest robe, displace
revealing Her eternal grace -
the womb of all creation

In the ever-gath’ring gloom
as space-time staggers to his doom
She is the immortal bloom
redeeming our damnation...