- A Beckoning Light -

From the shadowland it led,
the Road of Daylight, straight ahead;
but he preferred the wood instead -
a shaken king’s respite

There the winding pathway quails
to shrinking dim and dying trails
e’er vanishing through forest veils -
all-blackening of white

Yet the need within him grew
to gain the prize-eternal true,
where others seek the Grail too,
with reckoning of might

Dazed within a sudden squall
above the never-ending fall,
the mute condemned yet tried to crawl
to darkening of night

Gath’ring thunder all around,
constricting world now unbound,
approaching horror sucking down
the weakening of flight

Fall below the crushing beam
fall upon the flushing stream,
fall within the rushing dream
to wakening of sight

“Hush, my child, don’t despair;
it’s time to leave the timeless lair
so heed the invitation there,
a beckoning of light…”